How to get to a local city in Thailand. Airplanes, trains, buses, lottou are listed in the center, so please choose in the way that is right for your purpose.

Roughly, the characteristics of each transportation system are listed.

Pros Cons
Plane Travel time is short It is higher than other transportation (actually, the fare of domestic flights in Thailand is not so high)

The airport is far from the center of the city

Train Anyway cheap (only)

It is best to go to Ayutthaya

Anyway, it's late.

Security is not good

Bus Cheap and short travel time

The inside of the car is comfortable

Travel time is very long compared to airplanes
Lotto (disambiguation) - It's cheap.

Driver is traveling at a good speed

Stuffed with soothes in the car

I often hear the news that there was an accident because of the driver's long working hours.

A conclusion without permission

Northern region: to the north of Pissanuloke
Northeast region: north of Conquean, east of Buriram,
Southern Region: Slat than Surat Thani
Use an airplane!

In the vicinity of Bangkok other than the above, use the bus!

Use the train only when you go to Ayutthaya!

Lottou is a bit scary for long-distance travel. Because it often does not leave if the inside of the car does not become full.

How to get to local cities in Thailand

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